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Successful application

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  • Position:Quality Director

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job Description:

    1. Comply with GMP regulations, establish GMP quality management system and actively promote the implementation of GMP policies.

    2. Responsible for production quality GMP document management, organizing the formulation or review of GMP documents, systems, standards and operating procedures, and ensuring the effective implementation of GMP.

    3. Responsible for reviewing all documents related to quality, ensuring that materials and products meet registration requirements and quality standards.

    4. Responsible for product release, complaint, deviation, self-inspection, verification and other quality-related work.

    5. Responsible for organizing supplier evaluation and on-site audit.

    6. Responsible for accompanying and translating domestic clients and foreign audits, organizing Gmp certification, FDA inspection and other regulatory agencies' inspections.

    7. Support new product development and process improvement, be responsible for organizing stability monitoring of new products and existing products, and provide relevant information as required by laws and regulations.

    8. Responsible for organizing internal staff, carrying out appropriate quality system and GMP training as required.

    9. Act as the quality licensor of the company.

    10. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, pharmacy, chemistry or chemical engineering.

    2. Familiar with all aspects of pharmaceutical factory production management, familiar with the new version of GMP and the process of GMP certification in Europe and America, with complete experience in GMP certification, experience in foreign market certification is preferred.

    3. Leadership, communication and coordination, teamwork, planning and execution, management and communication skills; Be good at training subordinates, pragmatic management style and strong sense of responsibility.

    4. Strong writing ability, proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing; Proficient in office software.

  • Position:Workshop Director

    Release time:2019-12-15
    1. Job Description:

    2. 1.Responsible for workshop production technology, safety and quality management.

    3. 2. Document compilation, revision, implementation and implementation.

    3. Organize production in strict accordance with the process rules and SOP.

    4. Responsible for staff process training and GMP on-site management.

    5. Responsible for technical analysis and on-site technical solution in the production process.

    6. Responsible for summarizing and analyzing workshop product quality and technical indicators.

    7. Review batch records and check material balance.

    8. Cooperate with process staff to manage the production process in the workshop.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Major in chemistry or pharmacy, bachelor degree or above.

    2. At least 3 years working experience in the same position.

    3. Love chemistry and long-term commitment to the development of chemical pharmaceutical industry.

    4. Good communication and coordination skills, strong professionalism and sense of responsibility, an optimistic striver.

  • Position:Senior Production Engineer

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Strictly implement the established system of the company, and be responsible for the safety and environmental protection work of the project team.

    2. Organize production in strict accordance with the process rules and SOP in the production process, so that product quality and delivery date can be effectively guaranteed.

    3. Responsible for technical analysis and on-site technical solution in the project production process.

    4. Responsible for the summary and analysis of project costs and technical indicators.

    5. Completed other tasks temporarily assigned by the superior.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy or chemistry.

    2. At least 2 years' working experience.

    3. Long-term commitment to the development of chemical pharmaceutical industry.

    4. Good communication and coordination skills, strong professionalism and sense of responsibility.

    5. Optimistic and hardworking.

  • Position:HR Manager

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for human resources related management, organize regular statistical analysis of the company's human resources status according to the company's development strategy planning, formulate adjustment plans for human resources management strategies, and formulate administrative personnel planning and budget; Provide effective reference and basis for major management decisions of the management.

    2. Improve the rules, regulations and procedures of the company.

    3. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of various systems of the company, and strictly control the quality and implementation effect of the control degree.

    4. Provide reasonable Suggestions for the adjustment of the company's organizational structure and establish a scientific, reasonable and incentive compensation management system.

    5. Improve the company's performance management system and motivate employees' work enthusiasm and initiative.

    6. Improve the company's training mechanism, formulated training plans, implemente training programs, organize the completion of training and tracke the situation after training.

    7. Enhance communication and understanding between departments, and strengthen cooperation and coordination between departments.

    8. Develop and promote corporate culture, establish relevant welfare policies, improve corporate culture, enrich employees' spiritual life, and enhance their sense of belonging to the company and team cohesion.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above.

    2. At least 3 years of personnel work experience.

    3.Good at communication, with strong leadership and management skills.

    4.Optimistic, positive with a strong spirit of struggle. See problems and the enterprisein the vision of development  to grow together.

  • Position:Administrative Director

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for formulating, improving and supervising the implementation of various administrative systems and working procedures.

    2. Coordinated and arranged related administrative support services within the company.

    3. Responsible for drafting, transferring and processing related documents and documents of the company.

    4. Responsible for the comprehensive management of the company's cleaning, green plants and staff dormitory, creating a good office environment and order.

    5. Responsible for the purchase, maintenance and management of the company's office furniture and other administrative fixed assets to avoid the loss and waste of the company's assets.

    6. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the company's monthly procurement plan for office supplies and cleaning supplies, and the reasonable control of various office expenses.

    7. Responsible for the company's vehicle scheduling, use, maintenance, etc. to ensure the safety of vehicles and people.

    8. Responsible for the internal security of the company, and assisted the company in dealing with various emergencies.

    9. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of administrative work experience, more than 2 years of administrative management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises.

    2. Good at communication and coordination, strong ability to deal with affairs, clear thinking, careful consideration of problems, able to withstand strong work pressure.

    3. Objective, rigorous, responsible, practical and dedicated.

    4. Optimistic, integrity.

  • Position:Sales Manager

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Combine traditional B2B marketing mode with innovative sales mode.

    2. Visited and maintained customers.

    3. Market analysis, competitor analysis and customer demand analysis.

    4. Regular exhibition promotion at home and abroad.

    5. Signed the sales contract and followed up the payment collection.

    Job Requirements:

    1. 1-2 years' working experience in chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

    2. Sincere, enthusiastic and passionate about sales work.

    3. Optimistic, diligent, positive.